Our #1 Priority: Safety

Air Charter Safety

Image of one of the IAC flight crew pilots, Dan Sauer
Our Team Has Over 8,545+ Hours Of Safe Flying

Safety is our #1 priority we have for all of our private charter flights and it is the final decision-maker when it comes to the business of flying. We believe and adhere to this practice to the extent that is is in our mission and one of our core values.  Our team members conduct themselves in a manner that you will know safety is their priority as it is their responsibility to keep you safe.


We proactively continue our training to gain experience that benefits all of our customers.

FAA Certification

International Air Charters is fully FAA Certified as a charter company.

Safety Certifications

We are reviewed on a regular basis by organizations that set safety standards we follow.  These programs send accredited auditors to review our procedures and training to ensure we are flying safe. We voluntarily do this for ourselves and for you! You are give our promise of a safe and secure flight.

WYVERN Certification

International Air Charters is an active member of WYVERN. As a WYVERN Registered Operators maintain regulatory compliance information related to their organization, aircraft, and pilots in ACES that is accessible to WYVERN members for consideration when selecting air charter services.